Stamp Rally


No need to install apps
Start now with your smartphones!

Win prizes while you enjoy activities in Takamatsu Marugame-machi Shopping Street!
Collect stamps as you visit artworks by Kenji Yanobe.

Sat. 6th Jul 2019 ~ Thu. 15th Aug 2019

<How To Start>
All you need is your smartphone!

STEP 1: Activate your stamp rally screen by reading the QR code on art works by Kenji Yanobe.

STEP 2: There are 6 Yanobe’s works in Marugame-machi Shopping Street. Look around the other shopping area for the remaining 3!
(You may win the prize with a minimum of 6 stamps.)

STEP 3: Step out a little further to one of the main Setouchi Triennale island Shodoshima to meet other works by Kenji Yanobe and complete the stamps!

It is only once per person.


The Best award of SHUKUSAI 2019 Complete 6 stamps from Shopping Street and 1 stamp Yanobe’s work which there are shodoshima or Jumbo Ferry.⇒You can get original Tshirt.
SHIP’S CAT Award Complete 6 stamps in Shopping Street.⇒You can get SHIKUSAI 2019 Original Marugama Uciwa.
Participation Award Collect 3 stamps in Shopping Street.⇒You can get a Mineral water bottle.
Special Award Complete one of the above & follow SHUKUSAI official SNS to get a chance to win the limited prize! ⇒Mobile battely.
(10 people by lotterry)

※We prepare prize enough but we may provide other one if the prize is in short.

The Best award:original Tshirt

SHIP’S CAT Award:SHIKUSAI 2019 Original Marugama Uciwa

※Colors and designs are subject to change without notice. Please be aware in advance

Please check the important notes on the event screen to participate.