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  4. 2019 Shukusai × DOMMUNE SETOUCHI Experimental Shopping Street Day 2

2019 Shukusai × DOMMUNE SETOUCHI Experimental Shopping Street Day 2

DAY 2 of the 2019 Shukusai x DOMMUNE SETOUCHI special performance, organized by Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE), a Takamatsu-native contemporary artist, will be held at Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street Dome Plaza at 17:00, Saturday, August 10!
Also, on August 11, Live & Talk will be broadcast from the DOMMUNE SETOUCHI satellite studio with KOM_I, Oorutaichi, and Yosuke Fujita.

[DAY 2] Naturally Shopping Street Featuring Yakushima Treasure (Wednesday Campanella x Oorutaichi)/Yosuke Fujita
Nature x Shopping Street, an out-of-the-ordinary worldview, is presented through fantastic sounds incorporating house, techno, and chill-out. Always incorporating new initiatives, mainstream music scenes are pulled into Alternative music. KOM_I from Wednesday Campanella appears in Yakushima Treasure, a collaboration with the nature of Yakushima, produced by Oorutaichi.
In the other piece of the performance, Kagawa-native artist Yosuke Fujita, who does sound installations in addition to solo performances, will perform, featuring a self-built pipe organ with water and vocals.

◇2019 Shukusai × DOMMUNE SETOUCHI 2◇
Naturally Shopping Street
At Dome Plaza From 17:00 to 19:00 on August 10
●Performance / Yakushima Treasure (Wednesday Campanella × Oorutaichi), Yosuke Fujita (self-build pipe organ, water, vocals)
■Talk / Yakushima Treasure (Wednesday Campanella × Oorutaichi) x Yosuke Fujita x Naohiro Ukawa(DOMMUNE)

DOMMUNE SETOUCHI satellite studio, from 19:00 to 23:00 on August 11
KOM_I (Wednesday Campanella)x Oorutaichi x Yosuke Fujita x Naohiro Ukawa(DOMMUNE)
■19:00 Talk while watching recorded live footage
■22:20 Live &Talk!

Yakushima Treasure (Wednesday Campanella x Oorutaichi)
Re:SET is a collaboration between Wednesday Campanella and Yakushima released on YouTube Originals in April 2019. This production brought about the creation of the Yakushima Treasure EP. A variety of songs have been created from sounds collected in different ways, for example, by listening carefully for the beat of island frogs, the drumming of rain falling on trees, wind blowing around a quay, or the roar of waves, and by singing together with grandmothers living on the island. Beginning with “Yaku no Jitsugetsubushi,” which was born out of the Kikai caldera eruption that devastated Yakushima’s nature in the Jomon period, treasure-like songs that Wednesday Campanella and Oorutaichi have created while navigating bumps and detours and coming face-to-face with Yakushima are performed live.

Yosuke Fujita is a Sound Artist living in Japan.
He creates his unique sound art and music which takes various natural phenomena that respond to his interest in wanting to hear unheard sounds and noises. In 2009 Fujita hand fabricated an original musical ‘fantasy’ object, a pipe organ. The water element (with sound synthesized water tanks) has recently been added on his performance repertoire. The music consists of water sounds from multiple aquariums alongside his pipe organ, and his voice.

Since 2006 he had many solo performances and collaborative works with musicians as well as choreographers and videographers, such as ∈Y∋ (Boredoms), Akio Suzuki, Open Reel Ensemble, Koichi Makigami, Fuyuki Yamakawa and Yukio Suzuki.

He has presented his sound installation works in many contexts: the work “CELL”, which made audible the sounds of black soldier fly maggots buried in dirt, was exhibited in Sapporo International Art Festival 2017 and attracted a great deal of interest in Fujita’s artistic practice.




Event Information 8/10 17:00~19:00 Dome Plaza
8/11 19:00~23:00 DOMMUNE SETOUCHI satellite studio

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