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Naohiro Ukawa, a native of Takamatsu City, is a contemporary artist and a presiding officer over Japan’s first live-streaming channel DOMMUNE, jointly creating videos and illustrations with artists in Japan and overseas. He will organize a free live event.
This event is based on Ukawa’s enthusiasm for supporting the festival executive committee’s idea that goes beyond merely using art works to revitalize a declining shopping street. Music and art works will allow people in the region to experience those works in a shopping street—a facility closely linked to daily life—and at a residence, similar to a home party that takes place in a garden. A live performance titled “EXPERIMENTAL SHOPPING STREET” and a discussion session representing Takamatsu Marugame-machi shopping street and Setouchi Triennale 2019 are planned.
In response to Ukawa, world-famous artists will be invited to this event and a realm of music and art will be presented on Wednesday, July 31, and Saturday, August 10.

Appliances × Shopping Street
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! began in 2014 as a project in which used appliances were transformed into electronic musical instruments that were played in a festival. Ei Wada will make an appearance at this event, winner of two awards last year, the Rookie Award from the 68th Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, Prix Ars Electronica and Starts Prize 2018 Honorary Mention. Chapter 2 of TECHNOLOGICAL SHOPPING STREET will be held in the shopping street where appliances from the Showa era, such as electric fans and black telephones, will be played as musical instruments.

July 31, 17:00 – 19:00 at Dome Plaza
■ Live performance/Ei Wada (ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!)
■ Discussion/Ei Wada × Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)

DOMMUNE SETOUCHI LIVE preview 1 Live Performance and Discussion
August 1, 21:00 – 23:00 at DOMMUNE SETOUCHI satellite studio
■ 21:00 – Discussion while watching a recorded live performance
■ 22:20 – Live performance and discussion

Born in 1987. While still attending university, he began his activities that crossed over between music and art. He has founded Open Reel Ensemble and Braun Tube Jazz Band since 2009. Has been in charge of music for a total of eleven ISSEY MIYAKE Paris collection shows to date. In 2015, he launched “Electronicos Fantasticos!,” a project dedicated to the revival of disused electric appliances in the form of musical instruments that are eventually to be played in concert at festivals involving a variety of other people, for which he was awarded the 68th New Face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. In 2018 he won the Prix Ars Electronica and Starts Prize Honor Award.

Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)
“Contemporary artist”. Born in 1968. Kagawa Prefecture / From Takamatsu City.
Professor of Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design. A wide variety of activities such as, Video artist/Graphic designer / VJ / Writer / and “Contemporary artist”.
Naohiro is a “MEDIA THERAPIST” which is the most free expression activity in recent Japan, eliminating the framework of established fine art and popular culture.
Originator of VJ in Japan.
His works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions both in Japan and abroad from the exhibition at the New York PS1 MOMA “BUZZ CLUB” in 2001 and the “JAM Exhibition” at London Barbican Art Gallery.
2013-2015 Japan Media Arts Festival Jury member.
2015 Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) jury member.

He used the Japanese slang “Yabai” in the late 1980s for the first time to turn it into a positive meaning, and it was spread widely to the public through his writing. Also, since the early 90’s, he used the exclamation mark ‘!!!!!!!’ extensively in the text, and the expressions of ‘exclamation’ and ’emphasis’ in modern Japanese were expanded independently before SNS.
In March 2010, the live streaming studio and channel “DOMMUNE”, which was launched by Naohiro suddenly, has made a number of viewers with the start of launching and continues to attract attention in Japan and abroad. Currently, Naohiro’s occupation column is “DOMMUNE”.
As a book, “Super magic of Live streaming by @ DOMMUNE-FINAL MEDIA !!!!!!!!” (published from Kawade Shobo Shinsha ) . DVD “MAD HAT LAUGHS !!!!!” (Ki / oon / SONY) and others. As a musician UKAWANIMATION! name “ZOUNDTRACK” (avex trax) and others.
Also, recently he has been actively exhibiting artworks at contemporary art exhibitions both at home and abroad. At Takamatsu Media Art Festival, he was in charge of the three roles of director / curator / jury chairman.



扇風琴_KENPOKU Photo by Mao Yamamoto-1

Event Information 7/31 17:00~19:00 Dome Plaza
8/1 21:00~23:00 DOMMUNE SETOUCHI satellite studio

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