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  4. We Art. Seto Fan 『Tsukuru by Kagawa University』

We Art. Seto Fan 『Tsukuru by Kagawa University』


Co-creative art using the color of “light” of the Setonaikai.
Pick your own color of translucent Uchiwa fan that matches the inspiration you get from the “light” of the Seto Inland Sea.
You may fan along with music at the live show organized by Naohiro Ukawa to create the city ocean; synch light with music, and enjoy how the shopping arcade transforms itself into the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.

Come experience the fusion of art and music at the Takamatsu Marugame-machi Shopping Street dome, 5:00 p.m. on July 31st and August 10.

Program in Media and Product Design Course

Seto Fan イラスト2

Event Information 5:00 p.m., Wednesday July 31st  Dome
5:00 p.m., Saturday August 10  Dome
Fee Free admission.
Booking No reservation required.

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